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Do you been wake up and often wonder what is the point of your day?

Something within you knows, this can’t be it. In fact, you know that your tolerance for the situation that you are in cannot last much longer.

Yet, you feel trapped in a life path that leaves you feeling empty inside every time to stop doing things.

You know you are a good person but you stay up sometimes, unable to sleep, fighting with your own mind. You are unwillingly easily frustrated with yourself and others.

Sporadically, you take action, but it seems like you keep winding up in the same emotional state. It’s like no matter how much you change your physical environment, or even travel, there is a deep unsettling feeling within that you just cannot shake off.

How do I know all of this about you even though we have not even met? Because I’ve felt exactly as you have and together, we can change it all.

i'm ready to evolve

Let go of stress and overwhelm and embody elevated levels confidence and clarity

Just Imagine a life where you are bold enough to make and act on decisions that are both aligned with your deep desires and make you feel proud. Imagine a life where you understood your emotions so clearly that you no longer feel the need to run away from anything. Imagine you woke up every day feeling settled within and excited by your day.

How do we do this?

The method in my practice is a combination of energy healing techniques, breath work, meditations and subconscious mind reprogramming via spiritual hypnotherapy. As we set an intention together: we apply 3 steps –

Release the past: Heal your Inner Child & Integrate the Shadow Self

Your inner child is a psychological reality that you cannot afford to ignore. That said, know that you are not your past. You are the lessons and resources you embrace from it. By facing, forgiving and breaking off residual emotional chains that you carry from past moments, you will gain self-trust. You are able to release your cognitive bias from negative experiences so that you are free to choose again with confidence. As you do that, you begin to raise your sense of self-worth and self-love. Throughout this process, we equally embrace the shadow self as you experience spiritual awakings.  

Create Future Clarity: Tap into your Future Self via creative imagination

What if you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who you are meant to be and what you desire to do? Consciously, it can be very difficult for some to have the clarity you need to make decisions with full confidence. However, through spiritual hypnotherapy we will tap into your Future Self by opening up your creative imagination that is found in your subconscious mind. The creative imagination is the most powerful internal success mechanism you possess. The clarity will deeply shift you and inspire you to step into your Higher Self and walk the path of least resistance 

Embody Higher Self: Rewire Subconscious to Shift your Identity

As you release the past and get clear on your Future Self, we will work together to rewire your automatic thought patterns to support the embodiment of a new identity. Identity coherence, aka how you perceive yourself, is wildly necessary to in achieving your goals. An athlete will never ask themselves if it’s time to train, they will do it, because that is who they are and that is what they do. Their identity is to embody the athlete. As you rewire your inner identity to embrace your Future Self, you will manifest the physical reality your heart and soul desire.

"I loved working with Atena. Her mix of business and life coaching with hypnosis is an amazing combo that works really well to get you focused and in the right mindset to get to work and get results. She’s extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and what has worked for her that you leave every session pumped up and excited to work towards your goals. If you’re on the fence about working with her, do yourself a favour and book her now! I can’t recommend her enough!"

Testimonial: Adriana Paez
Certified Life Coach, Business Owner and Mama of two

About Me

Hi beautiful soul,

I am soul driven artist with a mission that to guide a million humans to embody unconditional love through the connection of their heart and soul. Essentially, I help birth human transformation. Many of us are programmed to believe that life is hard. And I get it. Being born in the middle of a war, post revolution Iran, and passing through the refugee system… as a young child, I witnessed the falling of an entire generation along with my own family. I spent 20 years battling survivors guilt. It led me down a path of duality that nearly destroyed me. A highly educated and passionate woman with a desire to save the World but who suffered from depression kept me in bed for days, substance abuse that suppressed my emotions, and anxiety that crippled my Being. I never understood my choice in it all. I did not understand that in this human life, no matter what is, has been or will be: I get to choose who I am in it all. This is your most basic and fundamental human right. But you’re not taught how to truly tap into it. The only way to truly tap into it is by embracing unconditional self-love and learning how to manage this powerful mind of yours to create space for you to operate from your heart and soul. My soul is magnetic, this is why you are here. My heart is born to heal yours. And my mind embodies the leadership that has attracted you to me. Thank you for showing up for you, for me and for the future generations to come. Together, I know we are going to create a beautiful power positive ripple effect in this Universe 

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