life can get complicated and messy.

you don't need to be. 

declutter your mind.

reprogram any belief that stand in the way of

setting your soul free and building

P R E T T Y   H A P P Y   H A B I T S

so you can live a pretty happy life ♥️



We've got one life to live. If you choose to live in peace, love with your whole heart, and be wildly ambitious, you've come to the right place.

Do you want to feel grounded, energized and clear-minded?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Many of us go through life constantly basing our decision on past evidence. Our minds naturally process everything this way. But what if there is no reference from the past for what you are about to do? Hello every new chapter! What if you formed cognitive bias along the way (aka using one experience to ride on for others) and in turn, these beliefs are creating the reality in which you live. 

Did you know that nearly half of our emotional blueprint is created by the age of 5? It’s been proven that emotions always out-weight logic in the long run. You may literally be operating from the emotional stand point of your 5-year old self and not know it. So, if you catch yourself sabotaging efforts because of a feeling and you can’t explain it (or you spend a lengthy time over-processing trying to find a reason why), honey … it’s time to change that. 

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Have you ever been SO MOTIVATED for change, but end up right back where you started?

We get motivated and rely on "will-power" to keep us going. And when we fail, we feel inadequate. The truth is you’ve been lied to. We read in books such as "The 7 Habits of highly Effective People" that our independent will is what determines how much we love and respect our lives. It’s bullshit. Plain and simple, you may have subconscious programming that just does not align with your conscious choices and desires.

The fact remains that it is our subconscious programming that determines whether we listen to that independent will. And sometimes with major trauma, we shift. When what Eckhart Tolle calls "the pain body" becomes too big, we decide to make lasting change. Otherwise, we seem to spend weeks, months, maybe even years in therapy, trying to make a shift in mindset and energy … sometimes just giving up midway because it’s too hard. 

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