Free Spiritual Tool Box

I believe in passing it forward. Along the way, I've tried and tested SO MANY methods, read many books, gone to seminars, workshops and listened to countless tutorial on perusal development, healing, success and growth. I've developed what I like to refer to as a spiritual tool box that helps me get through different moments of life. To help you get going, I have a few free resources available for you. Most freebies are a bit "fly by" just a little click bating... Mine are not like this. This e-book can be a major game changer in your life if you allow it. These worksheets will help you get free, when you are ready. These guided meditations if you give them a chance, will change the mindfulness game for you.

Releasing Resistance Workbook

This short workbook will help you identify your resistance dead in its track! When you have a dream or you want to make big changes in your life, resistance will meet you every step of the way. A few simple exercises will help you identify resistance, learn to APPRECIATE IT, and let that shit go! Live your life! You only get to do this ONCE! Ready, set, release that shit! Live your life. Live in beauty. Resistance will never go away but you can change how it affects you TODAY!

Let Resistance FREE!

E-book on How to Speak Kindly to Yourself

In this e-book, I go through 10 common automatic distorted thinking patterns that jab at your sense of personal self worth. The way you speak to yourself will make or break your ability to effectively deal with life. It will affect all aspects of your energy level. And ultimately, it will affect all your relationships in this life. If you're sick and tired of feeling like shit, filled with anxiety, constantly depressed, its time to take a minute to change that internal dialogue. START TODAY WOMAN!!!



Whether you are seeking to know how let thoughts that don't serve you or the basics of meditation, I GOT YOU! I created this channel to share valuable knowledge with you. When I need inspiration or I'm in a funk, I turn to YouTube. I know that aside from the knowledge, this is one of the most effective ways to share my energy with you. So if you're down in a funk, grab a cup of tea, coffee or cocoa, get comfy and binge watch my videos. I will lift you out of it my dear.  


Inner Child Meditation

This 12 minute guided meditation is going to get you to re-visit mini you! Why is this important? Because healing the child within us is an imperative step towards unconditional love. There is a light within all of us. When we are children this is a given. We are viewed as love, beauty and potential. But somewhere along the way either your parent, your own bad choices, societal judgement has you believing you are defective. Making you reject your inner core self and metaphorically, your inner child. By doing this simple meditation, you cannot imagine how much you will heal your soul. 

Embrace that Child

Find out the Mission of Pretty Happy Habits

Pretty Happy Habits is a business with the intention of rising the level of consciousness within you, to guide you a more solid relationship with yourself. To understand how it begun and the fundamentals of the missions check out the About Me page.


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